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Long Tunnel, No Light

As the name implies, the piece is dark. Composer in a generative modular style, it is closer to sound design than traditional music composition.

Internal Manifold

"Internal Manifold" is a harmonically complex composition with a sci-fi vibe. It has been described as "John Carpenter meets Speed Racer in a brutalist dystopian hell-scape." The music is intense and driving, with a pulsing bass and atonal melodies. The soundscape is dark and foreboding, with clanging metallic percussion and distorted synthesizers. “Internal Manifold" is a powerful and unsettling song that will stay with you long after you listen to it. It is a must-have for fans of experimental music, sci-fi, and dystopian fiction.

Who Owns the Stars?

“Who Owns the Stars?” is a four-minute track that builds slowly and atmospherically, with layers of electronic soundscapes and ethereal vocals. The lyrics explore the vastness of the universe and the question of who has the right to own it

Soon to be steaming on all of the major services.

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